Dienstag, 2. August 2016

My own Motorbike

My own motorbike :) I did my first big investment and step by step Bali is getting a real home. Until now I was always paying a lot of money to rent a random motorbike of a guy from our village. Now I got my own one and it feels good. I know it sounds funny because it's jus a scooter, but it's the first step to settle down a bit more and furthermore you can not imagine how less stuff you need to be happy. Because of that it's pretty special and a good feeling.

Of course it's also not that easy to buy a motorbike, I mean I'm still on Bali :). You need actually the right Visa and even than a Indonesian guy has to sign the documents as well. Than you have to wait for the right day for the ceremony. Ja, you have to do a ceremony to drive safe and prevent accidents. For that you need a holy man, three chicken and a lot of other things like fruits... If that one is done you have to wait for a temporary license plate. After three month i should finally get the official one. 

Even after more than one year: what ever you want to do it's a new experience and a new adventure but I'm still so happy to call that wonderful piece of earth my home.....

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