Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

Dive Instructor! Finally!!!

6 months ago! The last time that I was writting a post is such a long time ago and everything changed :) Everything changed from a good way into a perfect way. It's time again to tell you what happened! But before I will start writting regularly again, especially to show you the incredible underwaterworld, my new camera is on the way, i will give you a short update. 
I'm back on Bali since a few month and did already my instructor course 🎉🎉 
For myself it still sounds unreal if I remember that i had no clue what diving is, right one year ago. There are a lot of people who always tell me it was to early with that little experience, but wtf, I'm getting the experience right now and I'm happy and thankful to learn so a lot from amazing divers. I can fix my whole equipment by myself, I can teach beginners, I'm diving deep, long, in strong currents and with some of the most experienced divers on earth. I'm learning a lot of the live under water and have such a great time with the guys. So what ever somebody is telling me, I do what I love, every single day. In the moment I did almost 300 dives, so I think it's not anymore right if you talk about a absolut beginner ;)

I decided to go back and be a part of a wonderful life, everyday is new, each dive is special and I will enjoy it as long as I can. Of course life is sometimes hard in the paradies as well, but the nature, the people, everthing else, let you forget the trouble and the bad things. 

If you can dream it, you can do it ;) 

Do what you love

Gunung Agung Morning view!

Lovina Beach


Diver's life...

friends from everywhere

all about water


Spare time on Bali!

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