Dienstag, 2. August 2016

My own Motorbike

My own motorbike :) I did my first big investment and step by step Bali is getting a real home. Until now I was always paying a lot of money to rent a random motorbike of a guy from our village. Now I got my own one and it feels good. I know it sounds funny because it's jus a scooter, but it's the first step to settle down a bit more and furthermore you can not imagine how less stuff you need to be happy. Because of that it's pretty special and a good feeling.

Of course it's also not that easy to buy a motorbike, I mean I'm still on Bali :). You need actually the right Visa and even than a Indonesian guy has to sign the documents as well. Than you have to wait for the right day for the ceremony. Ja, you have to do a ceremony to drive safe and prevent accidents. For that you need a holy man, three chicken and a lot of other things like fruits... If that one is done you have to wait for a temporary license plate. After three month i should finally get the official one. 

Even after more than one year: what ever you want to do it's a new experience and a new adventure but I'm still so happy to call that wonderful piece of earth my home.....

Montag, 4. Juli 2016

First Underwater Pics

I got my first underwater camera (Nikon AW 130), the good thing: i can go down to 30 meters without a housing, the bad thing: it's not good enough to take the pictures what i really want :)
Anyway everybody has to start somewhere, so i'm taking the opportunity to figure out how to dive with a camera and a torch, what is important and what not. Let's practice until I can get a bigger and better one. The different styles and colors of the pictures developed because i'm still playing with the settings to see how it works.

Tiny tiny Frogfish (2cm)


Swallowtail Headshield Slug

Peacock-Tail Anemone Shrimp


Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

Dive Instructor! Finally!!!

6 months ago! The last time that I was writting a post is such a long time ago and everything changed :) Everything changed from a good way into a perfect way. It's time again to tell you what happened! But before I will start writting regularly again, especially to show you the incredible underwaterworld, my new camera is on the way, i will give you a short update. 
I'm back on Bali since a few month and did already my instructor course 🎉🎉 
For myself it still sounds unreal if I remember that i had no clue what diving is, right one year ago. There are a lot of people who always tell me it was to early with that little experience, but wtf, I'm getting the experience right now and I'm happy and thankful to learn so a lot from amazing divers. I can fix my whole equipment by myself, I can teach beginners, I'm diving deep, long, in strong currents and with some of the most experienced divers on earth. I'm learning a lot of the live under water and have such a great time with the guys. So what ever somebody is telling me, I do what I love, every single day. In the moment I did almost 300 dives, so I think it's not anymore right if you talk about a absolut beginner ;)

I decided to go back and be a part of a wonderful life, everyday is new, each dive is special and I will enjoy it as long as I can. Of course life is sometimes hard in the paradies as well, but the nature, the people, everthing else, let you forget the trouble and the bad things. 

If you can dream it, you can do it ;) 

Do what you love

Gunung Agung Morning view!

Lovina Beach


Diver's life...

friends from everywhere

all about water


Spare time on Bali!